What are you grateful for, proud of & who do you want to acknowledge?

Connection, love, metta are at the heart of giving a great massage and living a more fulfilled life. And taking time everyday to think of who you are grateful for, who you want to acknowledge and things you are proud of plant the seeds to help make that a reality.

When you reflect and express who you are grateful for it brings you into the present moment and away from unhealthy stress. It brings you into a present moment that is filled with gratitude and metta and even if it’s just for a glimpse, that can change the complexion of your whole day.

Acknowledging others in our lives or in the world releases oxytocin and deepens your respect and connection with others.

Being proud of your accomplishments helps to rewire your brain and put you in alignment with your deeper purpose.

If you can be disciplined and take this time out everyday, what this exercise of being grateful and proud while acknowledging others really helps you with is to feel more alive, more vibrant and will help inspire you to fight through whatever challenges are coming up.

Giving a great massage that is built on love and kindness and which comes from your heart will help you to see those benefits in action and can help in your life’s relationships and interactions with the world.

I’d love to hear from you! Share what you are grateful for, who you would like to acknowledge and what you’re proud of right now in the comments below!



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