Compassionate Touch: Give a Relaxing Head and Neck Massage

Compassionate Touch: Give a Relaxing Head and Neck Massage

Thank you for buying my book and bringing Compassionate Touch into your life! This video gives you a new massage to add to your repertoire. It’s a neck and head massage that you can give to your loved ones while they sit in a chair. That means you can give it just about anywhere- at home, at the office, while waiting for your food at a restaurant, on the beach…

I am dedicated to supporting you in your practice while you learn all the techniques shared in my book Compassionate Touch: Giving Massage for Optimal Health, Thriving Relationships and Spiritual Awakening.

We are a devoted team of teachers and massage lovers and I love hearing from you with your questions, concerns and success stories. Let this book be the start of a lifelong practice and then please share what it’s like for you and your loved ones as you embrace the art of giving loving touch.

There are a ton more videos on my youtube page below, and the best way to get in touch and ask your questions and support one another is at the private Facebook page below.

Wishing you amazing massages!





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