Thai Massage Made Simple by Shai Plonski

15 years ago I stumbled into something incredible that anyone on a spiritual path would want to learn.

A missing link that helps bring love and harmony to one’s life and relationships. A tangible, powerful way to help people you love and at the same time be on the receiving end of so many incredible benefits.

It has changed my life forever and thousands of my students. In fact well over 3000 students have studied massage with me and I have personally trained more than 120 teachers. People without a hint of experience, total beginners who have gone on to make giving –and receiving- massage an integral part of their life.

People from all walks of life choose to learn these techniques to improve relationships, take care of those they love and even launch successful new careers.

They have learned a valuable secret about happiness.

Living happy and fulfilled lives is something that just about everyone strives for. I don’t care what country you live in, your social or income status, it’s a fact that we all want to live well.

But the secret I am talking about is that money doesn’t buy happiness, and neither does obsessing about happiness. It is all about what you do, how you treat others, how you shift from the head to the heart and share your gifts with the world. That is where happiness comes from. We take a break from the rat race and take time to connect and relate.

And the first thing we need to connect with is ourselves and with the fundamental truth that at our core we are filled, with compassion and kindness. We help each other so much more than we hurt each other every single day and by honoring that truth we can bring it into the world, both on the inside and out.

By having ways to share that kindness we make all kinds of positive powerful changes to the people we come into contact with.

Knowing how to give a really incredible massage is therefore one of the very best things you can learn how to do.

Especially if the massage you learn is a powerful way to share love and compassion and a great one is defined by being at least as good to give as it is to receive.

And that is what Thai Massage is all about

Simply put (some pun intended), Thai Massage Made Simple is the fastest and most effective way to learn how to give an incredible massage from scratch without any experience required. It enables you to turn loving kindness into a massage form. You learn fun, simple and highly effective ways to give a heavenly massage to the back, shoulders, legs and feet.

And what’s even better is that you learn how to use your whole body, and get into a healthy and meditative space when giving. Therefore you get at least as many benefits as the person receiving it and you don’t tire out from it. Instead you’ll be happy to give because of how good it makes you feel.

There are 2 important steps to knowing how to give an incredible massage: Learn the Four Pillars and Apply them in a massage

Learn the Four Pillars: Every house is built on a strong foundation and so is giving massage. With a strong foundation you can do just about anything. In my school these pillars are Meditation (paying attention and being aware of the present moment), Stances, Rocking and Touch. Learn these pillars and you are already more than half way there. In fact these pillars are what allow you to become your own teacher and it only takes a few minutes to grasp them.

Apply them in a massage: Now comes the fun part! Giving a massage. Every aspect of giving a Thai massage is an extension of these pillars, so by learning the pillars it becomes easy to learn techniques for giving an outstanding massage.

These pillars also have the added value of helping you to quickly gain confidence and become your own teacher.

98% of people who give a massage do so without learning the pillars. As such in all honesty, most of those massages kind of suck. It hurts to receive when someone is squeezing your shoulders like there’s no tomorrow and it hurts your body (and feelings) to give them. That goes double when what you’re giving isn’t appreciated.

It has given massage a bad rap, when this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The truth is you are born with the knowledge to give an amazing massage because you are a loving person. You just need to learn a few techniques to unlock that skill.

I could not be more proud of what I’m offering you today. The video course Thai Massage Made Simple itself (valued at $79), and all of the bonuses, conservatively valued at $220! Yours for just $29 Today!

Once you’re done with the course you’ll be able to confidentially give a 30 minute Thai massage and you can learn everything in one afternoon.


Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll find inside the
Thai Massage Made Simple Program:

Thai Massage Made Simple by Shai Plonski

Here’s a glimpse of the secrets, methods and solutions you’ll find in Thai Massage Made Simple :

Some courses are meant to inspire and others are there to inform. But this one’s different. It is built to create real change in your personal and spiritual life. And all it takes is one afternoon.

It includes the very secrets I teach my professional students that I have spent the past 15 years cultivating, refining and perfecting into this course.

The reason why I am sharing these secrets is to empower yourself. It’s a step-by- step road map to giving Thai Massage because I have seen how many people’s lives are changed forever from receiving and just as importantly, giving this massage.

It is designed to teach you the very methods that will make giving Thai Massage at least as good as it is to receive

Yes for a limited time, you can order my course for just $29. No strings, no catch

Truth be told, I’ll probably lose thousands of dollars by giving it away at such a low price. So WHY am I doing it?

Here’s why: This isn’t just my business. It’s my passion. My goal is to shift our culture and help anyone on a spiritual path to realize the value of giving (and receiving massage). By giving massage you are turning love into action and making a huge difference into those lives that you touch and all the lives that those people will touch.

It can make a huge difference in releasing stress, improving relationships, getting rid of aches and pains that have been around for years, bringing peace, well-being and harmony to those you care about (yourself included!)

What could be more valuable than that?

I want you to find that freedom and sense of purpose that comes from sharing love in this way. I want you to write your own success story.

The other reason I’m giving this course at such a low price is because it’s already changed the lives of thousands, myself included. Your life can be next!

There is absolutely no catch here. There is no trick or marketing gimmick

I simply want to open up a relationship with you. Consider the course like our first hug (or handshake)

Sure in the future if you need more tools to expand how you massage, I would appreciate if you came back to my school! But that’s up to you.

Believe me, there’s no hidden agenda here. I simply want to start a relationship with you by offering to you what built my success and helped me to fall in love with Thai Massage.

And I want you to see how easy it is for you to learn to give Thai Massage from the comfort of your own home. Giving a great massage is your birthright and I want to share that with you at a very reasonable price. Nothing more.

Not only are you getting this amazing video course for $29 (valued at $79), but I am going to truly give you everything you need to get out to a running start! It all adds up to $250 in FREE Bonuses

You’re not just getting the 3.5 hours that make up the video course, but an in-depth book I wrote that explains all of the techniques in detail. The book includes all kinds of variations and details that will help make giving easy and adjust the massage to all kinds of different people.

In fact when I write my books it is always with the teacher in mind. My aim is to think of everything that may come up during the course of your massage and proactively answer your question and give guidance in what to do

I have been teaching Thai Massage for 15 years on four continents to thousands of students at some of the best retreat centers in the world. And I am making myself available to you to help coach you and guide you through the process of learning Thai Massage.

You’ll be invited to join our exclusive Facebook group with 24 hour access to our teachers. Ask and get quick answers to any questions that come up. Check out the library of questions and answers posed by your fellow community. Build that community with people from all over the world.

Thai Massage Made Simple by Shai Plonski

It’s a no-brainer. You know this course contains the very secrets and techniques I use to teach professionals and which I have been creating and refining for the past 15 years.

Now’s your chance to take action! Go ahead and get the course. It will never be cheaper. You’re just helping me to cover some of my costs and then the course is yours. You’ll have instant access to it on a private membership site the second you order!

I know that the tools, videos, book, formula… everything in this course WILL enable you to start giving an incredible Thai Massage, helping others while you help yourself. And I know that all it will take is one dedicated afternoon of practice. I personally lived it and so have thousands of my students.

Because I know just how powerful and life changing this content can be, I’m offering my Certifiable Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

I guarantee you will 100% love (and benefit from) this program and you and your partner will be able to teach yourselves how to give a great massage from the comfort of your own home, or you can KEEP IT, and I will REFUND THE $29 INVESTMENT YOU ARE MAKING IN YOURS AND YOUR LOVED ONES WELL-BEING. Zero Risk -100% Gain.

So what’s stopping you? Order it, and start giving Thai Massage Made Simple.

Thai Massage Made Simple by Shai Plonski

“What an amazing world this is! I feel completely blessed for have gotten to learn Thai Massage and to NOW have the possibility of spreading it with the people around me! I'm already hooked and will be giving 4 massages this week, starting tonight! This is awesome!”

Melissa Burgos

“I’m a full time coach and my schedule can be quite demanding, but your course is terrific and we are practicing!! With gratitude…”

Tricia Carver-Watson

“Hi Shai! Just wanted you to know that after all these years we continue our Thai Massage practice regularly. It has really made a difference in our relationship. So true about the giver benefiting as much as the receiver. In peace,”

Henri and Jaki Florsheim

“I am actually really emotional over the whole process. I am so grateful to have found a practice that I absolutely love. My investment of time and energy is an absolute pleasure and I look forward to giving more massages. The exchange that happens during the massage is so beautiful. It's a feeling based art, its a heart to heart connection. I feel as though there are no words to describe the experience - the exchange, and that's the magic.”

Casandra MacDonald

“I went back to Romania for a week to take care of my grandma. She is having a hard time. She also has arthiritis and has been having a hard time moving around. One day it just occurred to me I could give her a Thai Massage! It was a wonderful experience and she felt much much better. I could see the difference in her body from one limb to the other. Her mood also significantly improved. It was such a wonderful gift to share with her during this time. Thank you again.”

Corina Tudor

“I would like to express my gratitude for sharing the beautiful practice of Thai Massage. My body is transformed with beautiful metta intention. “

Karla Tomlinson