Thai Yoga Neck Massage- Side Lying

Who doesn’t love and need a good neck massage? This Thai yoga neck massage in side lying is going to show you how to do give one that is as easy to give as it is effective to receive.

Giving a great neck massage can help people with pain in their shoulders, arms, back and head. A Thai yoga neck massage can also be wonderfully effective for headaches and jaw pain.

Side lying massage means your partner is resting on their side while receiving. It is the most comfortable way for most people to be and is particularly great for people who are stiff, pregnant or who have back pain.

This move is shown on a mat on the ground, but can just as easily be done on a bed or table.

You get to sit comfortably as well, whether that be in a chair or on the ground and learn how to use your whole body to give an incredible neck massage.

It is part three in this series of Thai Massage techniques in side lying for the arm, shoulders, neck and back. Check out the whole playlist here:

In this entire series, the recipient relaxes by lying on her or his side and you position yourself behind them using your whole body to help give an incredibly effective Thai massage for the shoulder, neck, arm and back.



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