Thai Massage Upper Back Stretch- Udana Strrrrrretch

When people say they feel two inches taller after a Thai Yoga Massage, they might be talking about the effects of this upper back stretch!

This Thai Massage upper back stretch is such sweet relief for people with shoulder, neck, back, arm and chest tightness.

The move is called the Udana Stretch so it is also uplifting, helping to wake the body, encourage circulation and get rid of tired, lethargic energy.

Thai Yoga Massage is such a great blend of movement and massage to help get rid of knots, tension and stress while also help to realign and revitalize the body.

This move which is such a great Thai Massage upper back stretch is a perfect example of that balance. Combine it with some of the videos shown below and you’ve got an incredible and holistic treatment for your neck, back, shoulders and your entire upper body.

This video is in response to student’s request for what they’d like to learn. If you have a move or a topic you’d like to learn post them in the comments below!

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