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How amazing would it be to know the secrets to giving an incredible massage?

How much better would it be when applying these secrets leaves you -the giver- feeling healthy, empowered and full of love?

Massage should not be a chore. Massage should be a gift you give from the depths of your heart, that you do because you love the person or want to help the person you are offering it to.

At the same time, that only truly makes sense if you get to give yourself the same kind of healing gift. Where you get to give a massage that leaves every part of you feeling like you got a great massage even though you were the giver!

That’s what you sign up for when you start learning Thai Yoga Massage and the Still Light Centre Method.

Massages that bring you closer with your partner, that you can share with your family, with your friends that take away pain, stress and tension. That leave your partner feeling Renewed, Refreshed and Relaxed (with a capital R!)

Thai Yoga Massage that teaches you how to massage with your forearms, elbows and feet that saves your hands and thumbs.

With the Still Light Center system, every move comes from your center and transforms your body into a healthier version of you.

This way of massaging helps you slow down from a fast-paced life, tap into your abundant compassion and love and then you learn all the steps for giving a high-quality experience. 

Workshops For Couples, Friends and Family

If you want to give like a pro, but focus on the people close to you, make friends, improve your relationship and love life, you have some great options. My suggestion, start with introduction and couples courses and if you like what it’s doing for you, then join in our Foundations classes as well.

Every class on our website that says ‘no prerequisites’ is a class you can take and is designed for people with no experience that gets you practicing confidently at a high level by the time the class is completed.

This is not an exhaustive list. Best to check the calendar and the descriptions there for the most up-to-date selections.

Get Metta-Physical! Thai Yoga Shoulder Massage

Prerequisites: none

In this introduction to Thai Yoga Massage you will learn to exchange massage with forearms, elbows and guided stretches to help relieve tension in one of the places where we hold it the most: shoulders!

Metta means loving kindness and Thai Yoga Massage is a system for turning that kind of Love into a hands-on practice of conscious touch.

By definition TYM is as good for the person offering it as the person who receives it, physically, emotionally, spiritually. That makes it a perfect gift for couples, friends, loved ones who want to help each other feel amazing and deepen their bonds.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to give an incredible shoulder massage that both stretches and relaxes.

We’ll start with learning the 4 pillars of the practice: Meditation, Stances, Rocking, Compassionate Touch and then you’ll spend the rest of the time learning, practicing and exchanging the massage.

Participants will feel great in the moment and leave with a skill for life. 

Bring a partner or come as you are & exchange with a new friend

Couples Thai Yoga Massage

Prerequisites: none

Taught as both a 2.5 hour or a weekend workshop

Imagine being able to give your partner an incredible massage that is easy on your thumbs and full of heart.

In this workshop you’ll learn a meditative massage that helps to renew your love while leaving both of you feeling so good. It’s a massage at least as beneficial for the giver which helps to relieve tension, ease pain and restore relaxation and then confidently take your new skills and exchange for life.

You and your partner

Come with a significant other, family member, or friend to explore the world of loving touch.

This course is also offered as an online course where you and your loved one can practice at home. Click here to learn more!

6 Week Introductory Course

Prerequisites: none

This 6-week series will give you all the skills you need to give an outstanding 45-minute Thai Yoga massage that is at least as good to give as it is to receive.

We will focus on a new part of the body and new techniques to use every week so that by the end you can offer a series of short massages, or put it all together to offer the longer sequence.


Foundations in Thai Yoga Massage

Prerequisites: none

This class is designed for yoga teachers, massage therapists and those without any experience. In addition to the massage itself, yoga teachers will be able to gain confidence and knowledge for giving assists, incorporate Thai Massage into their classes and have a new treatment to offer private students. Massage therapists will be able to start offering a new modality to their clients right away. And those without any experience can give a high-level massage even after one weekend of training.  

You will learn a complete 75-minute massage:

This is the first level of a two-part certification program. Students will be required to complete the two levels and a series of practice massages as part of the certification process, but will already be able to give a complete 75-minute massage after finishing this class

Still LIght Center - Loved Ones

Learn the secrets of giving a world-class Thai Yoga Massage -for FREE- that we’ve been teaching since 2002. They’ve worked for thousands of yoga teachers, massage professionals and couples… and they can work for you too


Courses are accredited with the CMTO, NHPC & the NCBTMB. Tax receipts issued.

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