Reflections On Love and How Thai Massage Helps Bring More Love To You

Reflections on love and how Thai Massage helps to bring more love to your life is a product of how how this practice has helped me and countless others.

It’s an attempt at understanding why giving Thai Yoga Massage is so beneficial, going beyond all the physical benefits including helping to get rid of aches and pains.

A big part of what’s inspired me to keep giving and teaching for more than 17 years is because of how it has helped me to know more about love and the sweet ways Thai Massage has helped bring more love into my love.

Giving massage from the heart, through the heart certainly helps to give a better massage, but it also helps to taste a beautiful kind of loving connection and then teaches you how to bring that into more of the relationships in your life.

Taking a moment to reflect on what love is and how Thai Massage helps bring more love to you, can help you to understand the different ways we nurture love. Love with Spirit, with one another and for ourselves and by having all three aspects being vibrant in our life, we have more meaning, connection and harmony.

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