Thai Massage Bolsters – Set of Two


Specifications of the Thai Massage Bolsters

20″ long X 5″ circumference
Great for yoga & meditation
Washable cotton cover comes in tan color
Filled with 100% organic buchwheat hulls
Handmade with love in Canada
4 pounds each, 8 pounds total


These amazing props will keep your client’s neck, head, and shoulders in perfect comfort when lying face down. It also has many more uses as a massage prop for your comfort and to help provide optimal body mechanics.

Some ways you can use the bolsters:

  • As a face cradle when your client is lying face down so her neck, head, and shoulders are well supported
  • Under your knee in seated sequence when you need to give yourself added height when working on taller clients
  • They are also the perfect prop to sit on when massaging the hands, the face and the back (while your client is lying on her side)



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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 13 × 30 × 51 cm


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