Loving Touch Couples Thai Massage



Loving touch through Thai Massage can do some amazing good for the quality of your relationship and love life. It can help you open your heart and open your body to your partner, to healing, to yourself and all that you’re capable of. It will give you the confidence and skills to give your partner an amazing massage for the neck, shoulders, back, feet and legs. You’ll be able to help them let go of loads of stress, pain and tension, making way for relaxation, love and romance to enter.

Such is the power of meditative, loving, compassionate touch!

While ground zero might be sharing and learning this massage with your life partner, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, the methods shared here can also be easily used to massage friends, family members, or any person in need that you want to share it with.

The idea behind everything you learn here is that giving this massage is such a pleasure for you -the giver-, and that will mean wanting to give it to as many people as possible.

All together there are more than 60 minutes of techniques shared here and it’s divided into four sections. As such you can have massage nights where you give the whole massage, or, you’ll be able to give 15-minute tune up massages with ease.

Massage 1 is for the back and feet with your partner face down

Massage 2 is for the neck, shoulders and back with your partner on their side

Massage 3 is for the legs and lower back with your partner face up

Massage 4 is for the head, neck and shoulders with your partner face up

Send them and you to heaven!

Learn the secrets of giving a world-class Thai Yoga Massage -for FREE- that we’ve been teaching since 2002. They’ve worked for thousands of yoga teachers, massage professionals and couples… and they can work for you too


Courses are accredited with the CMTO, NHPC & the NCBTMB. Tax receipts issued.

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