Add-On Bundle – 2 Bolsters + 1 Thai Massage Pillow


Save $5 with the Add-On Bundle!

The Add-On Bundle includes:

– 2 Thai Massage Bolsters
– 1 Massage Pillow


Thai Massage Bolsters – Set of 2

These amazing props will keep your client’s neck, head, and shoulders in perfect comfort when lying face down. It also has many more uses as a massage prop for your comfort and to help provide optimal body mechanics.

Some ways you can use the bolsters:

  • As a face cradle for your client
  • As height support under your knee when working on taller clients
  • They are also the perfect prop to sit on when massaging the hands, the face and the back
  • As a meditation cushion

Thai Massage Pillow:

This pillow fills multiple roles when giving a supported and comfortable massage.

  • Place it under the leg for client comfort and your own easier access to massage the energy lines.
  • Fold it in half and use it as a head pillow inside postures and it will ensure optimal alignment of your client’s spine no matter their size.
  • It is also the ideal pillow between client and practitioner in seated sequence to provide comfort and maintain professional boundaries
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 34 × 102 cm


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