Only 8 lbs!! It’s the lightest, most supportive Thai Massage & Shiatsu Mattress you’ve ever used– Guaranteed


In a typical 60 minute Thai or Shiatsu massage you can expect to spend at least half that time on your knees.

Doing that 2 times a day, several times a week adds up- fast!

Plus I’ll bet that you need a mat that can travel easily because you see clients at multiple locations.

We don’t often think how much of a toll it is to lug around a big mat over our shoulder that weighs 20 or 30 pounds – not to mention all the props that come along with it.

But all of those things do add up and have the potential to cause injuries, exhaustion and burn out.

When you use a mat that is too heavy, and doesn’t give you and your knees the best kind of support, all that initial passion you have for your massage can quickly turn into pain, doubt and even giving up.

That is why it is so important to choose a mat that is best for your body and comfortable for your clients.


Introducing the Metta Massage Mat

I have been teaching and giving Thai Massage since 2002 to thousands of students & clients on 4 continents.

I have used and sold almost every mat imaginable from foam to futon, to gym style mats and the fancy Kapok Mats that come from Thailand.

Whether it is the weight, the support for the knees, the client’s comfort, the uneven surface, the mat breaking down, the dust and difficulty of keeping it clean, there has always been something about each of these mats that make them less than ideal.

That is why when I first lifted a Metta Massage Mat and then put my knee down on it, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

This mat was a revelation! I had finally found THE mat that would make giving a Thai Massage a dream come true.

I found a mat that would make giving massage easy, comfortable, and supportive.

It’s a mat that won’t break the bank and best of all, it will last a lifetime.

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Here’s what others are saying

“This new mat is amazing! It has a wonderful quality of being springy yet soft at the same time. Even after working on 4 to 6 people a day my knees are feeling great because they have been so well supported while I worked all day. Definitely loving this new mat, thank you!”

– John Ahonen, Thai Massage Practitioner & Yoga teacher Sudbury Ontario

“I’ve been a Thai Massage Practitioner for the last four years and a teacher of the art for the last six months. This is definitely the finest massage mat I’ve encountered. Being 240 lbs I can assure you this mat really is the most metta for your knees – it’s got a perfect balance of springiness and firmness, is large enough for very big clients, and the cover is really attractive and durable. It is also the lightest I’ve ever encountered; it’s the same size as the one I’ve been using, but it weighs less than half as much. I really wish this had been around when I first started. Ten seconds on it will convince you more than anything I could say about it.”

– George Justus, Thai Massage Practitioner & Teacher Toronto Ontario

“I love the convenience of the Metta Massage Mat. It is lightweight yet very supportive. Easy to roll up and move from place to place. Very comfortable for both the giver and the receiver of Thai Yoga Sessions.”

– Sheryl Gauthier, Yoga From the Heart Studio owner and yoga teacher Laconia New Hampshire



For a Very Limited Time you get Everything for Just $297


  • The regular price of the Metta Massage Mat is $325 and the book Thai Massage costs $40
  • Please note that Tax (in Canada) & shipping are extra.
  • So you save $68!


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Both our bonus and pricing are for a limited time only. So if you are seriously interested in protecting your body and giving a massage on the best mat you can buy at the best price then you have to click here to buy now.

Wishing you amazing massages!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of the mat?
To keep your Metta Massage Mat in the best condition, here is what you do:
1) Work in a clean space
2) Put a fresh sheet over it for each massage
3) From time to time take 2 minutes to vacuum it or roll it with a lint brush
4) Keep it rolled up and stored away when not in use
<br/ > How do I roll up the mat?
Rather than explain this one, please click here and I’ll show you!<br/ >Will my knees be cushioned when there is a floor underneath the mat?
Yes! I cannot stress how good your knees will feel when using this mat! Instead of feeling strained or tired, they end up feeling stronger. And the mat is so supportive that you won’t feel the surface below, regardless of what it is, be it carpet, floor or even brushed concrete.<br/ >Can I use oils around the mat?
Thai Massage and shiatsu are generally given without the use of oils since your client keeps her clothes on and you want to have a firm grip when putting her into stretches
One exception to this rule is when giving Thai Foot Reflexology. In this case we love to lather up the feet. The best option is to use pure Shea butter. It is not oily or greasy, it absorbs quickly into the feet and will not stain your sheets or mat. At the same time, if you want to be extra careful, then you can also place a towel under the feet.

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Can I buy more side mats?
If you would prefer to extend the width and length of the mat so you never have to move the side mats around then you’ll need to get 4 more. Each side mat weighs less than 1 pound so in total your mat will still weigh less than 12 pounds when transporting it. The cost for each extra side mat is $45 and you can buy them by clicking here

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What else do I need for the ideal professional set-up?
In my opinion, THE most important tool in your tool kit is to have a great massage mat. The rest depends on taste & budget. When I give a Thai Massage I always have at least 2 Bolsters, 2 Long Pillows and a floor chair.

I use the bolsters

  • As a face cradle when my client is lying face down so her neck, head and shoulders are well supported
  • Under my knee in seated when I need more height in working on taller clients
  • They are also my favorite thing to sit on when I need to prop myself up such as when massaging the hands, the face and the back (while my client is lying on her side)

The long pillow is the perfect prop when massaging energy lines on the leg.

  • It keeps your client’s leg from moving and by raising the leg it helps bring the leg closer to you and that makes giving the massage so much easier on your body.
  • I like to have 2 of them, because I also fold one in half and use it as a head pillow when putting a client on her side.
  • It is also the ideal pillow between my client and I so that I become like a padded chair that can maintain professional boundaries when massaging in seated sequence.

The floor chair is an amazing addition for ultimate comfort and support.

  • I use it to keep clients partially reclined when working on pregnant clients and those who are stiff or less mobile.
  • There are many clients who simply won’t be comfortable lying flat on their back. The floor chair in combination with a long pillow and a bolster is the best way I have found to keep them supported.
  • For clients who can lie flat, I also invert the chair and prop up their legs at the end of the massage when I focus on the abdomen, arms, hands and head.
  • It lengthens their back and puts their legs in the most comfortable position so your clients melt into the mat!
    <br/ >To order any of these add-ons, please click here!


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