The Heart of Thai Massage: Meditation & Metta

Learn Thai Massage essentials that help you to start massaging at home and become your own teacher! Meditation & metta define Thai massage and it is the first pillar of the practice.
Meditation and Metta

We begin! t’s time to shift gears and start teaching you some Thai Massage essentials that help you to start massaging at home and becoming your own teacher! Over the coming weeks and months I will continue to release a video every week or so that covers a topic or a Thai Massage move that you can teach yourself and start massaging with. These videos will be on the blog and in playlists on YouTube. We start with the foundation of the practice… The four pillars that you need to learn in order to start teaching yourself how to give an incredible massage. The first pillar is meditation and metta and it defines everything we do in the massage. This video breaks it down for you and also includes a guided meditation. Come back to it often, just like we do at the start of every class. It will help bring calmness and presence and help you get in touch with your own body and all that incredible energy and metta flowing within! The one thing I want to ask of you is help spread the word! Lets get these videos into the hands of everyone you think would benefit and enjoy learning massage 🙂 Click here to watch this on YouTube  


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