Guided Body Meditation for Love & Peace

This guided body meditation for love & peace will help you to renew, refresh and connect with your deeper self. It is similar to the meditations we do at the start of our Thai Yoga Massage classes.

It is perfect for those with a beginning meditation practice or for more experienced practitioners. This guided meditation can also be used to help center yourself before starting to give a Thai Yoga Massage.

A guided body meditation that helps you to come into contact with every cell of your body will sensitize you to the quality of touch and how you connect with others, including your clients.

This is also a metta meditation which connects you to the loving kindness and compassion which is already in every cell of your body.

This video starts with a brief intro about the meditative qualities of Thai Yoga Massage before jumping into the meditation. To start directly with the guided body meditation, skip ahead to the 3:30 mark.

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