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  • Still Light Professional Training: A curriculum like no other.
  • The aim of our school is to give you the most complete Thai Massage education in the world and the confidence and business tools to take action to be successful at something you’ll adore. Our courses are the result of more than 15 years of experience teaching many thousands of students around the world. We have created a unique learning approach that supports you to unlock the secrets to giving an introductionedible massage from the very beginning.
  • Primary Certification consists of two courses and the required practice. Upon completion, you’ll know approximately three hours of techniques and how to create highly customized massages upon completing the program. You’ll also have a marketing foundation that will help you to find and retain clients.
  • With Primary Certification, you can apply for licensing in Toronto, and join various massage associations in Canada and the USA including NHP Canada, International Association of Thai Massage, and NAMASTA. You will also be eligible to apply for professional liability insurance in Canada and the USA. Courses are also recognized for CEUs with CMTO and NCBTMB.


Primary Certification

Primary Certification is dedicated to learning almost 3 hours of Thai massage postures; an introduction to the body’s energy (sen) pathways; massage techniques using the palms, knuckles, thumbs, forearms, eligibleows, feet, and knees; the integration of Ayurvedic wellness and assessment skills; and implementing a proven marketing plan to help build and grow your clientele.

We offer these classes around North America, so prices may vary depending on where you study. In Ontario, each Primary course costs $495.00. For the latest prices, go to the calendar page and click on the Register pages for more information.

Thai 101

Prerequisites: None | 36 hours

This level 1 course teaches the fundamentals of quality touch using a full-body, 90-minute traditional Thai massage flow. It is a complete massage from head to toe and students learn important marketing skills required to find and retain clients. Thai 101 focuses on:

  • The four pillars of Thai massage (meditation, body mechanics, rhythmic rocking, and massage techniques using the hands, forearms, elbows, and feet);
  • Unlocking the secrets of universal touch techniques, including: how to massage from light to deep pressure; how to safely and effectively stretch flexible and inflexible clients; and how to safely massage and carry the weight of light and heavy clients;
  • Techniques to work the shoulders, neck, head, back, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and feet;
  • Effortless transitions between postures and an introduction to contraindications and safety;
  • Essential client and therapist care techniques for before, during, and after the massage; and
  • Building client relationships—the key to a successful business.

Thai 201

Prerequisites: Thai 101 | 36 hours

This course adds 60 minutes of new massage techniques, reinforces all Thai 101 material, and introduces students to the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system and sister science to yoga. Thai 201 bridges Thai massage with its historical roots in Ayurveda teaching students practical, hands-on methods for applying Ayurvedic wisdom to deepen the therapeutic quality of their practice.

As students learn the fundamentals of Ayurvedic principles and the three mind-body constitutions (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), they will apply these concepts to craft highly customized massages that address physical needs, enhance client relationships, and create a customized, holistic massage experience. Learning how to massage with ones’ knees at this early point in the training will help to reduce injuries and reliance on ones’ hands and thumbs to facilitate deep pressure massage. Thai 201 focuses on:

  • Reinforcing and deepening the application of Thai 101 postures;
  • Adding 60 minutes of new techniques to treat areas of greater need such as the shoulders, neck, back, and hamstrings;
  • Using the knees as a new touch technique and massage tool;
  • Understanding the fundamental concepts of Ayurvedic principles, and healing;
  • Determining a client’s Ayurvedic constitution;
  • Creating a customized Thai massage wellness program based on a client’s Ayurvedic constitution;
  • Working with the body’s subtle energies through Ayurveda; and
  • Conceiving and implementing a targeted marketing plan to attract new clients.

Primary Certification Requirements

  • Complete Thai 101 and 201
  • Complete 20 practice massage for each course (40 in total)

Tuition and Fees

We offer these classes around North America and internationally, so prices vary depending on where you study. In Ontario, each Primary course costs $495.00. For the latest prices, go to the calendar page and click on the Register pages for more information.


Additional Fees

  • Books. Books may or may not be included in the cost of your course. We have written a number of books and manuals with unique content. You will be notified on the Registration page or at the time of signing up if books are included in the price. Thai Massage: Unlocking the Secrets of Universal Touch is our book for Thai 101 and 201 and costs $35.
  • Professional licensing, liability insurance and association fees. Each professional body sets their own fees in order to join. These associations and companies are not affiliated with Still Light in any way. But upon request we can make recommendations on which associations to join.
  • Students who live or work in Toronto who are not certified massage therapists are required to become Licensed Holistic Practitioners. The 3 step process includes receiving Primary Certification with Still Light Centre, joining one of the industry associations that we are accredited with (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada OR The International Association of Thai Massage), and then applying for your license with the city of Toronto. Contact us for more details on how to acquire licensing.


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