Wellness Workshops

Yoga and Thai Massage & Restorative Yoga and Thai Massage

Thai Massage: Yoga Therapy for Everyone


When you give a great massage you feel more alive, aware, and joyous. The well-being of your loved ones, friends, and community can be permanently uplifted by your choice to share compassionate touch—it is literally one of the best things you can do.
Thai Massage is an accessible form of assisted hatha yoga, combining meditation, yoga, and compassion. You don’t have to be an expert in order to produce outstanding results. This workshop will show you how to tap into your own innate abilities to give a sensational massage.

In this 2.5 hour course, you will learn how to deliver a 20-minute massage, focusing on

• Assisted yoga postures
• Safe and effective massage for shoulders, back, legs, and feet.
• Loving touch
Perfect for people without any bodywork experience, this training is also invaluable as continuing education for yoga teachers and massage practitioners. The gift of compassionate touch is empowering, incredible, and available to everyone ready to discover it.

Restorative Yoga & Thai Massage: For deeper healing, rejuvenation and relaxation


Compassionate touch enhances the sense of well-being and connectedness that yoga offers. By fusing restorative yoga asana with Thai yoga massage we deepen relaxation, restoration, rejuvenation and our connection to all. This class will equip you with knowledge and skills needed to provide safe, compassionate touch in your restorative yoga classes. With our practical approach to learning, you will get first-hand experience of the incredible benefits that Thai yoga massage brings to yoga.

In this 6 hour course you will learn how to incorporate Thai Yoga Massage into restorative yoga classes, focusing on:

• Delivering a complete 2 hour Restorative yoga and Thai Yoga Massage class
• How to build and manage a Thai Massage and restorative yoga class for any number of students
• The secrets of universal touch for safe and incredible use to modify the massage for any student
• The 4 pillars of Thai Yoga Massage for optimal body teacher safety and effective application of the massage

Designed with teachers in mind and open to all who want to experience the magical union of yoga and massage.

We teach these courses at various studios including Downward Dog Yoga Studio & Breathe Yoga Studio. Click here for upcoming dates


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