Study Thai Massage

Introductory Courses

I took the plunge and got my first Thai Yoga Massage followed closely by my first 5 day training course at Still Light Centre. I am still having an Out of Body experience!
When you give a great massage, you feel more alive, aware, and joyous. The wellbeing of your friends and loved ones can be greatly enhanced by your choice to share compassionate touch—it is literally one of the best health practices you can adopt. And if you’ve never practiced massage before, you’re in luck: you don’t have to be a trained expert in order to produce outstanding results with Thai massage. Our introductory workshops show even the novice how to unearth their natural massage abilities.

Perfect for people without any bodywork experience, these workshops are also invaluable as continuing education for yoga teachers and established massage professionals. The gift of compassionate touch is empowering, incredible, and available to everyone who is ready to discover it.

  • 2.5 hour Intro to Thai Massage
  • In this taster course, students are introduced to the fundamentals of Thai massage practice. Through demonstration and hands-on practice, students learn a blissful 20-minute massage sequence, gaining first-hand experience in both giving and receiving Thai massage.

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  • 12-hour Intro to Thai
  • In this weekend training, students learn how to deliver a complete 60-minute massage, focusing on:
    • Meditation and compassionate touch, the foundations of Thai massage practice.
    • Safe and effective massage for shoulders, head, back, hands, legs, abdomen, and feet; and
    • Assisted stretching techniques.
  • Couples Thai Massage
  • In this 4-hour workshop, students learn new ways to give nurturing, intentional touch to their partner through the practice of Thai massage. Our hands-on course will provide you and your partner with the knowledge to:
    • Perform a 30-minute, full-body Thai massage;
    • Use intentional touch and awareness to create a mutually enriching experience; and
    • Integrate “Metta” (loving kindness) and meditation into the massage.