Study Thai Massage

What exactly is it?

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Still Light Centre offers an unparalleled and flexible program that balances theoretical, practical, artistic, and business skills. Together, our course suite produces masterful, confident practitioners who are equally empowered to thrive in their business pursuits.

What makes us unique?

  • After more than 15 years of teaching experience and many thousands of massages, Still Light Centre has crafted a comprehensive and authentic Thai massage curriculum that elegantly bridges the practice’s Eastern roots with its modern home in North America. You will find no institution more concerned with honoring Thai massage’s essential principles, while at the same time translating that knowledge into a framework that meets the needs of Western clients and the learning style of Western students.
  • Our courses give even beginning students the knowledge to practice safely and expertly on anyone—period—regardless of age, flexibility, and existing health concerns. Our dedication to teaching the nuances of how to touch results in confident, masterful practitioners as well as satisfied clients. Time and time again, we see our valuable graduates in high demand however they apply their skills. Speaking of value, Still Light Centre empowers students to launch sustainable careers that can last into retirement and beyond. Bearing in mind that the average massage career lasts only 8-10 years, that’s no small claim. Our secret? As incredible as it is to receive a Thai massage, the experience of giving one can feel at least as good. It is our program’s highest goal to harness the power of yoga and body mechanics to teach students how to move efficiently and ergonomically on the mat—and to protect their own body first while helping others.
  • And if your sights are set on a lifelong massage career, you better well have ways to keep your practice fresh and interesting, right? At Still Light Centre, we view each massage as a hand-crafted work of art. Deemphasizing the ‘massage by rote’ experience you will find in many other schools, we believe that the heart of authentic Thai Massage is creative instinct. Through our Artistry of Thai Massage course and others, you will cultivate an artist’s approach, bringing limitless potential and an organic, ever-changing quality to your practice. Through shared dedication—and practice! practice! practice!—we strive to bring the authentic master out in every student.

Things to consider

  • No prior experience in massage or yoga is required to begin study.
  • Students can begin legal practice in Toronto as a Licensed Holistic Practitioner after completing the first two professional training courses and applying for Primary Certification.
  • We make it affordable to study! Students have until the start of Thai 201 to sign up for the entire program and save $500 off the total tuition. We also offer flexible, no-interest payment plans with equal monthly payments over as many as 12 months.
  • All professional courses are eligible for continuing education credits with the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario) and NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, (USA).