Learning Thai Yoga Massage Versus SUCCEEDING at it

  The dirty truth about learning Thai Massage that I never hear being spoken is how many people give it up after they learn. As much as they fall in love it, as much as they see the potential for the incredible ways to help people while they help themselves, they give up.   Something […]

Thai Yoga Massage and Your Relationships- A Personal Story

Picture this… You’re sitting on the couch with your partner. She or he is on one side and you are at the other. You’re watching a show both of you like as a way to help spend some time together and unwind from the day. At the same time, you’re peaking at your phone and […]

Learning Thai Massage vs being successful at it…

The other day I got this wonderful message from a student of mine who has been nurturing a dream for 40+ years to help people with their health and well-being. As you can see, after all this time she has finally been able to launch her dream business -centered around Thai Yoga Massage- and is […]

A Story of Mental Health & Giving Thai Massage…

In this post & accompanying video, I share a conversation that happened at Thanksgiving with someone who is a tenured professor at Stanford, who on the surface is living a dream life. But he professes that he is deeply unhappy. I’m sharing it because of how much it resonates with where I was 20 years […]

My Thanksgiving Miracle- This is Thai Massage… Helping to Heal Yourself

Today I’m sharing a story of my own recent healing to share some of the hidden benefits that are a direct result of giving Thai Massage and making it a central part of my life. What’s motivating me to write this is because of what actually happened to me on Thanksgiving. I injured my calf […]

Learn About the All-Access Pass and Still Light’s Thai Massage Community

In this webinar I share why we are creating the Still Light Transformational Thai Massage community and introduce the All-Access Pass that is at the heart of what we’re building.   Founding members pay just $29/month by clicking here   Study Thai Massage at the highest level and create an intentional community bringing people together […]

The Power of Good Soil

The power of good soil

Last night my daughter and I transplanted lettuce that we’d bought a few days ago. The lettuce was wilting, small and so dry in the little container they had come in from the nursery. I really didn’t think they were going to make it. So imagine my amazement when I went to check on the […]

Walk on Feet Thai Massage

walk on feet thai massage

When you get to walk on feet in Thai Massage you get to give a heavenly massage with minimal effort. We know that when you massage the feet, everything relaxes from head to toe. But using your hands and arms can tire you out and is not the most hygienic option. Giving a massage with […]

How to Relieve Headaches & Stress | Thai Head Massage For Relaxation

This video shows you how to give an incredible Thai head massage for relaxation that will also help to relieve headaches and stress. It takes two minutes to learn and give and the results are profound! This relaxing head massage is something you can easily add to your massages whether it is to your loved […]