How to Relieve Headaches & Stress | Thai Head Massage For Relaxation

This video shows you how to give an incredible Thai head massage for relaxation that will also help to relieve headaches and stress. It takes two minutes to learn and give and the results are profound! This relaxing head massage is something you can easily add to your massages whether it is to your loved […]

Thai Massage Full Body Twist- Sacrum and Hip Relief too

Full Body Twist

Thai Massage Full Body Twist- Sacrum and Hip Relief too… Your back, your hips, your legs, your shoulders all benefit from this Thai Massage full body twist. Put this high on the list of moves to give to your loved ones everyday especially if they have any lower back pain, tight hips or upper back […]

Heavenly 1-Move Thai Yoga Massage for Glutes, Sciatica & Lower Back


If you are dealing with lower pack pain, tension near your sacrum, sciatic issues, piriformis syndrome or just looking for a way to relax deeply then this Thai Yoga Massage technique is for you! The Sanuk is a heavenly 1-Move Thai Yoga Massage for the glutes, butt and lower back that helps to address all […]

Table Thai Yoga Massage for Hips, Legs Lower Back- Fun & Effective!!

IT’S TIME TO GET FUNKY AS WE CONTINUE OUR TABLE THAI YOGA MASSAGE SERIES FOR THE HIPS, LOWER BACK & LEGS!! These four moves are some of my massage therapists and yoga teacher’s favorites to give because of how effectively they target areas of great need with little effort. The fact that you get to […]

Table Thai Yoga Massage for the Back, Hips, Legs

IT’S A TABLE THAI MASSAGE FOR THE LOWER BACK, HIPS AND LEGS IN THREE SWEET MOVES! This sequence targets some of the highest tension areas of the body and can help to bring deep feelings of relaxation and relief in just a few minutes. This is a great video for anyone curious to learn what […]

How to Give a Thai Abdominal Massage

LEARN HOW TO GIVE A THAI ABDOMINAL MASSAGE IN JUST A FEW MINUTES! ANYONE CAN DO THIS AND THE RESULTS ARE OUTSTANDING!!! The abdomen is known as our second (or maybe our first brain) and is directly connected to how we process stress, anxiety and emotions. The five minute massage shown here can go a […]

Full Thai Back Massage in 4 Moves

Back Massage 4 Moves

LEARN A FULL THAI BACK MASSAGE IN 4 MOVES THAT HAS HELPED THOUSANDS OF CLIENTS REDUCE OR ELIMINATE BACK PAIN, TENSION & STRESS FROM HEAD TO TOE Walk on the feet, target great spots on the leg and bum and of course give an amazing massage for every square inch of the back- all in […]

Alleviate Back Pain With One Great Thai Massage Move

Back Massage

Prayer Pose -or forward bend- is the answer to the trivia question (99.7% of the time), ‘Shai if you could receive just one move what would it be’? When you put someone in a forward bend with a customized massage it is a total all in one move that stretches the back, the hips, the […]

Paul Grilley, Anatomy & Thai Massage

In this blog & video I introduce some of the teachings of one of my teachers, Paul Grilley. He has an incredible ability of presenting anatomy principles in a way that is laid back, fun, profound and crystal clear.