Is it Safe & Effective to Learn Thai Yoga Massage Online?

Thai Massage Online

In an age of online learning from building a house, fixing your car and learning an instrument, there is still a lot of hesitation on whether it is safe and effective to learn Thai Yoga Massage online. One concern is that the only true way to learn is if a teacher can watch and correct […]

Life-Changing Impact of Thai Yoga Massage & Meet Teacher Shai Plonski

Shai Plonski

Get a taste of the heart that is central to giving and receiving Thai Yoga Massage! This video walks you through what Thai Yoga Massage is and how life-changing it is to give and receive. If you want to help loved ones, people you care about, or offer it to clients watch this to learn […]

Why Thai Massage Rocks!

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book: ‘The Missing Link: How to Give Massage for Personal Health, Deeper Relationships & Spiritual Growth Giving Thai massage as compassionate touch is about as great a way as any to fine tune your awareness. It’s a wonderful way to help shift from the head to the heart. […]

4th Pillar: The Secret to Giving a GREAT Thai Massage

Secret to Giving Massage

I am revealing the most important secret of my Thai Massage school and life’s practice. It can make the difference between giving an incredible massage versus one that is painful for both you and your partner.

3rd Pillar of Thai Massage: Leverage Through Rocking

Leverage Through Rocking

This Thai Massage lesson teaches you all about rocking.

You want to rock your body as you massage in order to create leverage. This means your whole body helps you to massage and your hands or whatever you use to massage (elbows, forearms etc.) becomes on extension of your core.

The Heart of Thai Massage: Meditation & Metta

Meditation and Metta

Learn Thai Massage essentials that help you to start massaging at home and become your own teacher! Meditation & metta define Thai massage and it is the first pillar of the practice.