Back Walk Thai Massage | Row Boat | Shoulder Opener

Back Walk

This back walk Thai Massage move uses your feet to stretch open up your partner’s back. It’s the perfect medicine for people with lower back pain, rounded backs, rounded shoulders and shortness of breath. This Thai Massage back technique helps to open up the shoulders and the body, elongate the spine and take pressure off […]

How to Relieve Headaches & Stress | Thai Head Massage For Relaxation

This video shows you how to give an incredible Thai head massage for relaxation that will also help to relieve headaches and stress. It takes two minutes to learn and give and the results are profound! This relaxing head massage is something you can easily add to your massages whether it is to your loved […]

How to Give Thai Massage For Face, Jaw, Ears

Thai Head Massage

This video shows you how to give a great Thai Massage for the face, jaw and ears. It takes 3 minutes to learn and to give, but is a gift that will last a lifetime. With these simple techniques you can learn how to give your partner an incredible massage for their face, jaw and […]

Mother’s Day Shoulder & Neck Thai Yoga Massage

Shoulder & Neck Massage

This Mother’s Day shoulder and neck Thai Yoga Massage is a perfect treat for moms or anyone you care about in your life! It’s a 3-minute Thai shoulder and neck massage that you can do anywhere- on a bed, on a massage table, on a mat, even on a lounge chair or at the beach! […]

Hands-Free Side Body Thai Yoga Massage

Side Body Massage

This hands-free side body Thai Yoga Massage targets one of the secret areas where almost everybody holds stress and tension. Massaging the ribs and the side body helps clients and partners to breathe easier, relax deeply and let go. It will leave them melting and drooling for more!! It’s also really easy to give as […]

Thai Yoga Neck Massage- Side Lying

Thai Neck Massage

Who doesn’t love and need a good neck massage? This Thai yoga neck massage in side lying is going to show you how to do give one that is as easy to give as it is effective to receive. Giving a great neck massage can help people with pain in their shoulders, arms, back and […]

Thai Shoulder Massage Techniques Side Lying

Thai Shoulder Massage

This video shows you one of the most simple and effective Thai shoulder massage techniques while side lying. By focusing on how to massage the shoulders it solves one of the chief problems most people have when learning how to give a massage. This shoulder massage helps people with tight shoulders and necks, and who […]

Thai Yoga Arm Massage- Side Lying Position

Arm Massage

A Thai yoga arm massage that takes one minute and you’ll have your partner melting into relaxation. This is such an easy one to try at home, on a bed or on a carpet. And a big reason the Thai yoga arm massage is so effective is because you do it with your partner in […]

Thai Massage Upper Back Stretch- Udana Strrrrrretch

Upper Back Stretch

When people say they feel two inches taller after a Thai Yoga Massage, they might be talking about the effects of this upper back stretch! This Thai Massage upper back stretch is such sweet relief for people with shoulder, neck, back, arm and chest tightness. The move is called the Udana Stretch so it is […]