A Story of Mental Health & Giving Thai Massage…

In this post & accompanying video, I share a conversation that happened at Thanksgiving with someone who is a tenured professor at Stanford, who on the surface is living a dream life. But he professes that he is deeply unhappy. I’m sharing it because of how much it resonates with where I was 20 years […]

My Thanksgiving Miracle- This is Thai Massage… Helping to Heal Yourself

Today I’m sharing a story of my own recent healing to share some of the hidden benefits that are a direct result of giving Thai Massage and making it a central part of my life. What’s motivating me to write this is because of what actually happened to me on Thanksgiving. I injured my calf […]

Thai Massage Tools For Self Care Massage Techniques- Hand, Forearm, Neck Care

The Thai Massage reflexology stick is an an amazing way to provide yourself with self care massage techniques. In this video I show you how to use this Thai Massage tool to massage your hands and forearms. But at the same time, these self care massage techniques can have powerfully positive results for your neck […]