The Helping Power of Thai Massage- Students who give back

This week I share some stories of Thai Massage students in New Hampshire who came together and dedicated their practice massages to raising money for charity. It’s amazing how much they accomplished in the 2 months after completing Thai 101.

Paul Grilley, Anatomy & Thai Massage

In this blog & video I introduce some of the teachings of one of my teachers, Paul Grilley. He has an incredible ability of presenting anatomy principles in a way that is laid back, fun, profound and crystal clear.

When to Treat Injuries with Thai Massage

In this blog video post, I share my story of a recent injury and some important rules to consider when treating clients who present themselves with injuries. I talk about the acronym -RICER and explain why you want to consider this before massaging clients or loved ones and family members.

Fascia and Thai Massage

In this video I give you an overview of what Fascia is and why it is important to treat the fascia as part of any advanced Thai Massage treatment.

The Discipline of Gratitude

I want to share with you this amazing teaching that one of my teachers recently shared with me called the discipline of gratitude

The Secret to a Successful Relationship

There are so many vital components that are part of amazing relationships that it is hard to pick out just one thing. But if you ask around you’ll certainly hear many possibilities. What I keep coming back to is communication