Mindful Breathing, Meditation and Thai Yoga Massage

Mindful Breathing

What transforms Thai Yoga Massage from a modality to a way of life is that it emanates from a mindful meditation and breathing practice. It also helps in making the massage an integral part of a yoga practice. In this video I share the link between meditation and Thai Yoga Massage and then take you […]

Thanksgiving Gratitude, Love & Thai Yoga Massage

Massage Stick

I’m feeling grateful for the impact that Thai Yoga Massage has had in my life in the ways I’ve been able to help so many students and clients. I’m also so grateful for how it’s opened me up to universal love and how that has supported me to feel comfortable in my own skin and […]

What Does It Mean to be On a Spiritual Path

My new book, Compassionate Touch: Giving Massage for Optimal Health, Thriving Relationships & Spiritual Awakening is now available on Amazon. This post is dedicated to readers who want to share what it means to you to be on a spiritual path. I think this is a great way to learn from and be inspired by […]

Change Your Life, Exchange Thai Massage

In this video I ask you to dream and think of how your life would change if you gave and received massages regularly? How would that affect your relationships, your body, your connection to spirit?

Thai Massage is An Experiment in Love and Compassion

In this video I talk about the role of Thai Massage in building relationships and connections from a loving whole place.

And how the gift of touch and massage is an incredible way to connect with spirit and the people you love and care about.

The Role of Great Teachers in Our Life

Shai Plonski, Thai Massage teacher gets personal. He starts to share some of his life story to bring spirit and love into the foreground of his life. He shares some of his teachers that have helped along the way and the importance of having great mentors and teachers in ones life to help open those doors.