Learn About the All-Access Pass and Still Light’s Thai Massage Community

In this webinar I share why we are creating the Still Light Transformational Thai Massage community and introduce the All-Access Pass that is at the heart of what we’re building.   Founding members pay just $29/month by clicking here   Study Thai Massage at the highest level and create an intentional community bringing people together […]

Going With Your Gut: Common Digestive Problems And Treatments

Gut Shot

Guest post by Kimberly Hayes, Chief Blogger at Public Health Alert.info Gut health is an important part of your overall well-being, and unfortunately, there are many factors that contribute to it that can leave you feeling pain, discomfort, or fatigue.  From your diet to your exercise routine, there are several things that play a big […]

How to Relieve Headaches & Stress | Thai Head Massage For Relaxation

This video shows you how to give an incredible Thai head massage for relaxation that will also help to relieve headaches and stress. It takes two minutes to learn and give and the results are profound! This relaxing head massage is something you can easily add to your massages whether it is to your loved […]

Walking the Path: Why Ayurveda?


By Dr. Harrison Graves, MD After practicing Western medicine (Allopathy) for 25 years, I became disappointed with many aspects of the culture surrounding it – namely, the lack of emphasis on prevention, and the over-reliance on prescription drugs. At the time, I wasn’t aware of the system of optimal health from India that is all […]

Heal Yourself- GIVE Thai Massage | Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Learn how Thai Yoga Massage helps you to rewire your brain and how you can help heal yourself by giving Thai Massage. Yet another reason why giving this massage is at least as good as receiving! In this talk, I draw upon the research of Dr. Joe Dispenza to help understand how the act of […]

What are you grateful for, proud of & who do you want to acknowledge?

Be Grateful

Connection, love, metta are at the heart of giving a great massage and living a more fulfilled life. And taking time everyday to think of who you are grateful for, who you want to acknowledge and things you are proud of plant the seeds to help make that a reality. When you reflect and express […]

Winter Wellness: Understanding the Impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Kimberly Hayes (guest writer) Does your energy wane during the months of winter? Many people face a decline in their overall outlook when the seasons bring cold temperatures and short daylight cycles. Thankfully, if you seem to experience the “winter blues,” there are ways to combat the condition. Identifying Seasonal Affective Disorder At first, […]

Reflections On Love and How Thai Massage Helps Bring More Love To You

What is Love

Reflections on love and how Thai Massage helps to bring more love to your life is a product of how how this practice has helped me and countless others. It’s an attempt at understanding why giving Thai Yoga Massage is so beneficial, going beyond all the physical benefits including helping to get rid of aches […]

New to Yoga? Check out this Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Yoga!

yoga for beginners

The holiday season heading into the new years is such a great time to start or further immerse oneself into healthy practices. If you’re thinking of adding yoga to your life, then read on! Jo Thomas has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 20 years. She’s put together a comprehensive guide to yoga for […]