Walk on Feet Thai Massage

walk on feet thai massage

When you get to walk on feet in Thai Massage you get to give a heavenly massage with minimal effort. We know that when you massage the feet, everything relaxes from head to toe. But using your hands and arms can tire you out and is not the most hygienic option. Giving a massage with […]

Thai Massage Foot Rotation Technique | Deeply Relaxing!

Thai Foot Rotation

This Thai Massage foot rotation technique is so relaxing that you can literally put your partner or client to sleep from doing it! Watch their tension and stress melt and see the deep relaxation effects take over! Such a perfect Thai Massage foot technique to give at the end of a long day of work. […]

Table Thai Foot Massage with Forearms and Elbow

Table Thai Foot Massage

LEARN TO GIVE A TABLE THAI FOOT MASSAGE WITH YOUR FOREARM & ELBOW & SAVE YOUR THUMBS!! It’s the follow up to our wildly popular Table Thai Massage with a stick. Combine the two videos and give your partner or client a thoroughly wonderful Table Thai Massage that massages and stretches every part of the […]

Table Thai Foot Massage with Stick

LEARN TO GIVE A TABLE THAI FOOT MASSAGE WITH A REFLEXOLOGY STICK & SAVE YOUR THUMBS!! One thing I’ve come to discover in 16 years of teaching is that almost everyone loves a foot massage! At the same time when you’re using your thumbs all the time, they are not much fun for the giver! […]

Thai Massage Foot Techniques How to Give a Great Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage

LEARN AMAZING THAI MASSAGE FOOT TECHNIQUES THAT YOUR CLIENTS AND LOVED ONES WILL ADORE- THAT ALSO ARE AMAZING TO GIVE!! In this video I teach you six techniques on how to give a great foot massage. The video starts with some background on the ABCD’s of the massage for your comfort and well being. One […]