Learn About the All-Access Pass and Still Light’s Thai Massage Community

In this webinar I share why we are creating the Still Light Transformational Thai Massage community and introduce the All-Access Pass that is at the heart of what we’re building.   Founding members pay just $29/month by clicking here   Study Thai Massage at the highest level and create an intentional community bringing people together […]

What to Say to Prospective Thai Massage Clients | Thai Massage Quick Tip

what to say to clients

This Thai Massage quick tip helps you think of what to say to prospective Thai Massage clients to help turn them into actual clients. The main takeaway here is to speak their language. Try to identify what they are looking for in a massage. What is their primary need and speak directly to it. This […]

Take your Thai Massage Marketing to a new level (Part 2)

Marketing Level 2

In this series of articles we are addressing ways to excite and revive your client list to help increase the frequency your clients rebook with you. In the last post I suggested sending out a survey. Now it is time take a look at what to do with the results!

Take your Thai Massage Marketing to a new level (Part 1)

This post is born out of my recent visit to teach in Australia and a conversation I had with a practicing Thai Massage practitioner. She is having difficulties getting her clients to rebook and her business is growing slower than she`d like. She`s feeling stuck and looking for ideas on what to do.

A Simple and Powerful way to build your Thai Massage Business

Full credit to one of my students who has helped me to crack the code. There really is a system that works and that can go a long way towards setting you up with lots of good paying clients with relatively minimal effort that in effect leaves you doing what you love: giving Thai Massage. I call it the 50-25-10 method