Back Walk Thai Massage | Row Boat | Shoulder Opener

Back Walk

This back walk Thai Massage move uses your feet to stretch open up your partner’s back. It’s the perfect medicine for people with lower back pain, rounded backs, rounded shoulders and shortness of breath. This Thai Massage back technique helps to open up the shoulders and the body, elongate the spine and take pressure off […]

Hands-Free Side Body Thai Yoga Massage

Side Body Massage

This hands-free side body Thai Yoga Massage targets one of the secret areas where almost everybody holds stress and tension. Massaging the ribs and the side body helps clients and partners to breathe easier, relax deeply and let go. It will leave them melting and drooling for more!! It’s also really easy to give as […]

Thai Massage Full Body Twist- Sacrum and Hip Relief too

Full Body Twist

Thai Massage Full Body Twist- Sacrum and Hip Relief too… Your back, your hips, your legs, your shoulders all benefit from this Thai Massage full body twist. Put this high on the list of moves to give to your loved ones everyday especially if they have any lower back pain, tight hips or upper back […]

Gentle Thai Yoga Back Twist Massage

Seated Back Twist

How to Give a Gentle Seated Thai Massage Twist This gentle Thai yoga back twist massage is great for people who are stiff, tight or who work at a desk and are in need of a good stretch. On the other hand this seated twist is also great to give pregnant woman as it helps […]

Thai Massage Back Walking Massage – Side Lying

Side Back Walk

Use your feet to give this relaxing and opening Thai Back Walking Massage! It’s a perfect way to stretch and massage your partner’s back. In fact with this one Thai yoga massage back technique, you can massage their lower back, their upper back, their shoulders, open up their chest, stretch their arm and even relax […]

Thai Massage Upper Back Stretch- Udana Strrrrrretch

Upper Back Stretch

When people say they feel two inches taller after a Thai Yoga Massage, they might be talking about the effects of this upper back stretch! This Thai Massage upper back stretch is such sweet relief for people with shoulder, neck, back, arm and chest tightness. The move is called the Udana Stretch so it is […]

Heavenly 1-Move Thai Yoga Massage for Glutes, Sciatica & Lower Back


If you are dealing with lower pack pain, tension near your sacrum, sciatic issues, piriformis syndrome or just looking for a way to relax deeply then this Thai Yoga Massage technique is for you! The Sanuk is a heavenly 1-Move Thai Yoga Massage for the glutes, butt and lower back that helps to address all […]

Thai Massage Back Twist & Hip Opener

Hip Opener

Experience sweet relief for lower back pain and stiff hips!! This Thai Massage back twist & hip opening video shows you a universal way to help release low back pain and chronic stiffness. It can be done on a mat, a carpet, a bed or a table and is considered a universal stretch because this […]

Secrets to Giving a Phenomenal Table Thai Back Massage for Beginners

Back Massage

The secrets to giving a phenomenal Table Thai Back Massage is an essential skill for massage with loved ones or in a professional setting. This video shares with you the ways to use your body on a massage table that make giving intuitive, fun and easy on your body. Yet it is incredibly effective! Learn […]