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My training as a yoga teacher was a revelation for me in many ways; but perhaps the most profound were the moments when I felt inexplicable tenderness towards my students. I would be giving a hands-on adjustment, or a neck-and-shoulder massage during savasana (the rest pose at end of class), and I would suddenly feel a wave of compassion well up within me. Without knowing it, I was getting a preview of “metta”: the loving kindness that is given such priority in Thai Massage.

What I did know was that I wanted to explore this compassionate state, brought on by touch. My yoga mentor, John Veiga, did Thai Massage… and he had always been remarkable to me for the depth of his adjustments, and for the heart-centred quality of his classes. He gave me my first Thai Massage. Not only did I love it, it just made so much sense. I loved the physicality of it, the combined sense of intimacy and play. John suggested I give Shai a call… and that’s how I ended up at Still Light!

What about you? What brought YOU to Thai Massage training?


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