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What is Unique about Thai 101


I know that with all the choices that exist for studying Thai Massage in Toronto, Thailand and all around the world these days it is hard to determine what sets a school apart. What are some of the things to look for? How does one even know what to look for when they have never taken a class? I also know that this question is very different for everyone. For some it is the convenience of dates, for others it is a connection with the teacher and the school, for others it is the support you get during and after class and of course there are many other factors to consider.

In my case, I have been teaching Thai Massage for more than 12 years, but I still remember so clearly what it was like to be a brand new student. I remember so well what my first class was like and what my first few practices were like. I remember the joy of learning this new and amazing skill and then starting to put it into practice. It gets me excited to think about the reaction of those first few friends and family members when I gave them the massage and how surprised I was by the feedback where some told me that this was one of the best experiences they had ever felt!

I also remember some of the challenges that came my way those first couple of years when massaging someone so much bigger, so much stiffer or someone who wanted so much more pressure than I was used to giving. I know I felt like I had the tools to figure out what to do as long as I took my time and trusted what I learned even if we didn’t really discuss these specific cases in class. I felt like the foundation was so strong, the excitement of the massage so large that I was indestructible. So I also remember the surprise that came when my wrists and forearms began to hurt and I had to deal with mild forms of tendonitis. I was not expecting that and it was a real set back because of course the way to heal something like that is total rest, so I had the choice to either turn away business in the short run for a longer career or grin and bear it and hope that it would eventually go away.

I guess as I have progressed as a teacher I have tried my best never to forget what all that was like and as it came time to build our own program I could look into all of these experiences and ask myself: ‘as amazing as my training was, how can I do better?” How can I help my students to avoid the mistakes I made and help them to gain the knowhow, confidence and experience right from the beginning to feel like they know what to do when facing ‘real world massages’.

For me the answer is this: how slow can you go? What our system is about can essentially be summarized in those 5 words. Everything we do includig what you learn in class and our in depth training manuals are built around understanding that premise so that what you are able to give is truly universal. Your massage becomes something that feels so good right from the beginning and you are able to give with amazing awareness and confidence. You see at the heart of a Thai Massage is mindfulness, awareness, meditation and metta (or loving kindness and compassion). So what we have done is delve deep into that foundation to help you understand how to truly customize a stretch, or a massage technique that is the right depth, the best feeling for your partner. And just as important is that you can do that in a way that is at least as good to give as it is to receive.

Moving beyond that premise for just a moment, what we also teach you in this class is the secret to building a successful and rewarding career. The heart of any successful business is in building relationships with your clients and the way to do that is with outstanding communication. Our first professional level class helps you to get on the right track right away. It provides you with all the tools towards building long term success and to give a 90 minute treatment that is so amazing and so rewarding.

It teaches you the safest, most effective ways to proceed no matter who you are and who your client is. I am excited just writing about it! But please don’t just take my word for it. Write to me and I will gladly put you in direct contact with some of the ambassadors of our school. Students just like you who are just starting out, who have taken a class or two who will share with you exactly what it is like for them and perhaps what it’ll be like for you.

I look forward to getting this conversation started!

Now if you’re interested in our next training then I will be teaching Thai 101 Aug. 7-11 2013 at Still Light Centre in Toronto. Class takes place everyday from 10am – 5:30pm. Signing up for just this class costs $600 and payment plans can be arranged. You can also wait until you take this class to decide on taking our complete professional training program and save $500 on the entire training and set up a 12 month no interest payment plan. No matter when you are reading this, you can check out our complete list of dates and prices by clicking here to see our calendar.



4 responses to “What is Unique about Thai 101”

  1. Will this class be offered in Birmingham, Alabama in November at Embody? How many CEUs are earned? Would love this to me my continuing ed this year!
    Thanks. Brenda

  2. Isabelle says:

    A message for those who are thinking to attend a course at Still Light Center in Toronto : Shai is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I took two courses with him : the two first levels of Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Massage. It was in Montréal many years ago. I was amazed by the way he teaches. It is so easy to learn with Shai, and so agreable. I totally recommand learning with him !
    Isabelle, Mont-Tremblant (Québec) CANADA

  3. akkarima says:

    how can i get visa to study there

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