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My Voice is Touch- A Thai Massage Poem

I’ve been thinking about why I love Thai Massage alot lately and want to share this poem I wrote a little while ago. I share some of what quality touch and massage is all about and how this little thing can have such a profound impact both inside and out.

I have never shared a poem in such a public way before, but something is calling me to put it out there so I am excited to share it with you.

I was inspired to write it after watching spoken word artist Shane Koyczan share his piece ‘This is My Voice’. He has such a masterful way of getting in touch with the deep, the profound, the meaningful. I highly recommend checking out his work by click here and scroll down to check out the poem.

Let me know what you think and why you are called to learn more about Thai Massage. What is the need it fills in you and your community? How has it helped with your fears, your hopes, your dreams? Is there anything unexpected or surprising you get from learning and giving Thai Massage?




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