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Thai Massage Stretches for Low Back Pain, Hip Openers & Tight Hamstrings

These Thai Massage stretches for low back pain, hip openers and tight hamstrings are a perfect sequence to help counteract the impact of everyday life.

When you sit at desk or car for hours, or on the opposite end, are often on your feet or exercise a lot, these areas of your body are typically screaming out for help.

Stretching them is also one of the keys to preserving your body and helping you to feel and stay younger. On the other hand, when your low back, hips and hamstrings are allowed to keep tightening up, letting fascia adhesions build, it can lead to all kinds of pain and problems down the line.

That includes big issues like hip replacements, spinal fusion, and knee replacements.

This is a more dynamic flow, but at the same time I am teaching this to a group of 100 students with absolutely no experience in giving Thai Massage.

One of the keys to getting this right and practicing safely is to watch the video a few times before trying it out. Also check in with your partner and have them show you their flexibility. Practice it first on people who have no limitations or pains happening so you can test it out and then adapt it as needed.

And if you have any questions or if there’s anyway I can help, please post your comments below.

If you’re new, to give this Thai Massage effectively, it is recommended that you first watch the Secrets to Giving a Great Massage video which is posted below as well as all of the Four Pillars of the practice.

This will help give you the fundamentals which you can then apply towards giving a heavenly Thai Yoga Massage stretch for the low back, to opening up the hips and to release tight hamstrings




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