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Thai Massage Interview Mukti Michael Buck & Serafima Part 1

Meet celebrated Thai Massage teacher Mukti Michael Buck the founder of the Vedic Conservatory and senior teacher Serafima Dharmadini!

Mukti and his team of teachers have taught more than 25 000 students all across the world. He has written extensively about Thai Massage with over 100 essays and 7 books. He is undoubtedly one of the most recognized Thai Massage teachers in the world.

Here we learn about his background and the essence of the Vedic Conservatory approach to Thai Massage. We learn about some of the energetic theory of the massage, both sen lines and kosha theory all with an aim towards understanding the heart of the practice. And how this world of heart-filled touch has reached out to professionals in all walks of life.

Mukti and Serafima share just how far Thai Massage has come as an established and effective modality able to help people from all walks of life and how it’s part of a movement of heart-filled modalities taking its place among the most effective treatment approaches for a wide range of illnesses and issues.

This is part one of two. Stay tuned for the part two!




To learn more about Mukti and Serafima and how to study with them please visit http://www.vedicconservatory.com

This interview is part of a series of getting to know Thai Yoga Massage students and teachers to dive deeper into the heart of the practice and see how it’s helping people all around the world.

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Shai’s book Compassionate Touch which dives deep into the benefits of giving massage can be purchased here:

Study with Shai and his team of teachers in person: https://www.stillightcentre.com/category/courses-calendar/

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