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What is Thai Massage & Why I chose it

Depending on who you talk to, the answer can be quite different. One of the first things I ask my students is to explore different ways to answer this question that get to the heart of the matter and that excite the person they’re explaining it to. Check out my latest video for my answers to this fundamental question along with a little story on what first interested me pursuing this style of massage above all others.


Have a question? Would you like to share your answer to this question? Is there a topic you’d like me to teach in these videos? Please leave your comments below and I’ll be in there answering questions as well!!

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2 responses to “What is Thai Massage & Why I chose it”

  1. Greg Bradshaw says:

    Hi Shai,
    Not sure if I mentioned to you how this amazing unfolding happened to me ,all around me. I was the recipient of an awesome Thai Yoga Massage and as the points on my head were pressed at the end, I felt this sense of Love fill not just me but the room which seemed different, colors were deeper. I felt so uplifted in this feeling of Love almost like I was dreaming or awake in a dream. I have done a lot of previous work on myself The Course In Miracles led me to many aw moments as breath work, meditation Yoga & Qigong has as well. Then I spent 3 days reviewing my life as an observer looking at the emotions not participating in them just watching. I realized that what I was feeling was me, Not Love from someone not Love to some one , just busting inside with this unbelievable joy that brings tears and understanding and compassion. When I give a massage now I emanate that Love to every soul I work on and it really holds me in that meditative place during the massage. I also feel this while teaching Yoga, sending Love to every one in the room. Thai Yoga Massage has been a huge leap in the progress of Greg Bradshaw. What is Thai Yoga Massage? More than any words could ever describe.

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