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A Song for my Hero- AKA ‘I think this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever watched’

At least it feels that way. Most of the time I post about things directly related to Thai Massage, but sometimes I have to share a post like this and go a little deeper.

I have taken to listening and watching inspirational talks while I clean the kitchen. It’s one of my favorite meditations. And with a 3 year old running around, I get chances to meditate several times a day!

My all-time favorite place to go has been www.onbeing.org because Krista Tippett is the best interviewer I’ve ever heard and the way she unravels complex topics with her guests has been the greatest gift.

And when I’m looking for something slightly lighter, or perhaps at a different speed, these days I’m all about WTF with Marc Maron. His ability to share his soul and his humanity is also unparalleled genius and totally inspiring.

But I’ve pretty much maxed out on both of those lately, so I’ve taken to the old standard www.ted.com  And I randomly scrolled down the list of most popular talks when I came to this. And it left me bawling, barely able to stand and still now, hard to type. But all in the most amazing way.

It’s the story of, Tori Murden McClure an amazing woman who tried (and failed) to become the first woman to row across the Atlantic all by herself.

I won’t spoil it for you, but I will just say this. I think her story would resonate with any adventurer. The quest to know ourselves and to live our dreams is so strong and filled with so many challenges.  How many blows have you taken in that pursuit? Has it meant that you had to abandon the journey? When I watch this talk I think of my life and people I love who are fighting the good fight to live meaningful lives. What Tori physically had to endure, we have all gone through one way or another, some more than others. So let’s not forget the words of Muhammad Ali that close the story.

I love Thai Massage for so many reasons. The healing that flows both ways, the deep unbroken connections that are reaffirming with every quality touch, the love that is shared, but I think most of all it’s because of the support and insight it has provided on my journey into knowingness, into growing up, into being more honest, into living a rich and fulfilling life.


Share your comments below! I have a few more that I’d  like to share, but I’m waiting until you’ve watched this first!



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