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Someone who tried Thai Massage and will Never Do It Again!

Let's Try Thai Yoga Massage! – I'll Take That Dare – Episode 8 by Linday Ferrier

This is an interesting article and video and I hope you watch it! I think there’s a lot to learn here for any aspiring Thai Massage practitioner. Here are some of my observations:

1) The practitioner clearly has a lot of skill and passion for Thai Massage. His form is excellent and so is his ability to discuss the subject

2) The client went in eager to try it, but also apprehensive (unless she filmed the opening footage after she received the massage in order to complete her story). She also tried to stir the pot with pictures of acro-yoga calling it Thai Massage. Interesting though that the people she interviewed were mostly open to trying it!

3) Since we don’t know the mindset of our clients- even the flexible ones -and she is flexible and open to doing new things- we have to use all kinds of pillows and props in our practice. Don’t take shortcuts with this and learn how to use them! She would probably have a very different impression of the experience if he had used them in sitting postures and in any examples of close proximity etc. It has inspired me to shoot some videos that discuss this very subject.

4) If he knew she was apprehensive then I would have strongly recommended choosing postures that played it much safer! For example, no need to sit on her back and pull her leg up in locust when he can accomplish the same results from the side.

I hope this does provoke you to leave comments, discuss and be part of the movement to demystify the practice and turn it into something that is truly universal!


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