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Paul Grilley, Anatomy & Thai Massage

In this blog & video I introduce some of the teachings of one of my teachers, Paul Grilley. He has an incredible ability of presenting anatomy principles in a way that is laid back, fun, profound and crystal clear.

The main reason I am so drawn to his work is because of how aligned it is with my methods of teaching and giving Thai massage. Anatomy for him proves and brings clarity into each person’s individuality and so he espouses that yoga and the asanas that one practices should be centered on the individual as opposed to a preconceived norm.

That is exactly how I feel and what I teach with regards to Thai Massage. From the very beginning of our training, we teach methods such as ‘how slow can you go’, ‘easing into what you do’ and bringing lots of dialogue into each session both before and during a massage so that you can meet your partner where they are and massage your partner safely and effectively. And in higher levels when questions arise with regards to how to treat clients who present with an injury, I will always advise that you don’t want to treat the injury ahead of the person. What I mean is that two people could have the same injury and depending on a host of factors- the approach, the pressure and the stretches you incorporate may differ vastly.

Paul’s video: ‘Anatomy of Yoga’ will help you add an important layer to this teaching. He introduces some core anatomy principles and with that comes more knowledge, more confidence and peace of mind. And one of the main themes that he presents is how essential it is to understand the difference between ‘compression’ and ‘tension’. In this blog video I give you an introduction into the topic and how you can use that to help give Thai Massage. I really believe that watching his lecture series (at least once!) is essential for any serious practitioner. I am not trying to sell you something, and I am not making money on this. I just know how much it helped me bring Thai Massage and all the methods I teach and use to the next level.

You can check out Paul’s website and links to purchase the video by clicking here

If you have any questions about anatomy, about compression vs. tension or anything else then post them below and I will be in the community answering questions!




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