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What Does It Mean to be On a Spiritual Path

My new book, Compassionate Touch: Giving Massage for Optimal Health, Thriving Relationships & Spiritual Awakening is now available on Amazon.

This post is dedicated to readers who want to share what it means to you to be on a spiritual path. I think this is a great way to learn from and be inspired by all the amazing ways we are called to share our love and from the heart.

Please post below and get the conversation going!

Here’s how I summed up what it means to me at this particular point in time to be on a spiritual path.

It includes being dedicated to:

  • Living a better life
  • Surrendering to Spirit or God
  • Living a life of service
  • Letting go of ego’s grip
  • Wanting to be happy and feeling happiness in every fiber of my being
  • Pursuing my deepest dreams for a fulfilling life
  • Doing a regular practice, which to me these days includes a mix of self-massage, yoga, meditation, hiking and rollerblading (yes, there’s still at least one of us left!)
  • Having more meaningful connections with everyone in my life, especially the people I love and care about most
  • Exploring and embracing what it means to be empathetic and supportive
  • Asking for forgiveness
  • Embracing the role of vulnerability and leaning into it as a way to accomplish all of the above


Much love!



4 responses to “What Does It Mean to be On a Spiritual Path”

  1. Leah says:

    What being on a spiritual path means to me…is the most important thing that I never knew, never wanted to know, that I was truly missing who I am, I really am, not the person society or my parents and other family members expect me to be, but finding out for the first time in this life, who I was truly meant to be! What I actually really like. It also means finally facing the facts and forcing myself to search n learn about higher power, should I say THE higher ONE power, all that is, ….because I hv always been afraid to find out that what everyone blindly believes in, number one, I dont believe in, and two I didnt want to get my hopes up on finding truth, or hvn them torn down, in an already emotionally weak person, barely on the edge as it is. Also….my spiritual path, being on it, means I finally become a more positive, genuinely happy, person, a better person all around, because we can all always do and be better I believe, and forgiveness is very hard for me ….to give it and recieve it most of the time….a very tough subject area for me to get through and change for the better, and this area truly takes practice, and most importantly patience and dedication to changing for the better….So….I pledge , on my spiritual path, to put forth as much effort is needed, in being an all around better human being, believing n keeping faith that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, so I can be a better human, we all can, kinder, helpful, willing to share, working hard for the greater good every day, granting forgiveness when needed and being able to accept someone elses as well, not holding grudges, learning not to gossip as much and never in a malicious manner in first place….I plan to practice meditation, this new thai massage im reading about because it seems absolutely essential in life ….and consistently practicing being a more open, loving, spred joy n love n light everywhere, and striving to always see the best side of everyone n evthing and keep this up all the days of the rest of my life learning new things n loving it every day….and always striving to send out positive energy to the whole, and love and peace, and just sending only that out into the atmosphere….and wish it upon every living soul to try and be there best as well….my spiritual path ❤☺👍😎

  2. Lee Mill says:

    Not only asking for forgiveness but forgiving as well

  3. Shai Plonski says:

    Yes!!!! Thanks for sharing

  4. Shai Plonski says:

    Thank you so much for sharing from the heart. I just love to read it and I’m very sorry for the delayed reply <3 <3

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