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New! Earn Documented Massages for Assisting!!

New! Earn Documented Massages for Assisting!!

A student who recently assisted Thai 101 asked if it could count as a documented massage towards certification. My first thought was to say no, but in thinking about it and the value that comes from assisting and how it helps improve and deepen your massage, I had a change of heart. Assisting is at least as valuable as massaging when you are working towards certification, so it makes total sense.

In fact when I was first learning I can confidently say that assisting classes might have been the most important way to integrate all I was learning. There is something irreplaceable about coming back a second or a third time to be in class and have the vantage point of watching everyone practice and having the experience of already the class under ones belt. When that is how you enter class then it becomes all about refinement and deepening ones knowledge. As a result you can take huge leaps forward in your understanding and your massage. It is powerful stuff!


Here’s how it works:

  • Assisting on one weekend counts as 1 documented massage (whether you come for 1 or two full days).
  • Assisting on two weekends (for example, for all of Thai 101) will count as 2 documented massages.
  •  For Primary Certification, the maximum number of documented massages that can be replaced by assisting Thai 101 & 201 courses is 4 (out of the 20 required documented massages)
  •  For Advanced Certification the maximum number of documented massages that can be replaced with assisting 300 level courses is 8 (out of the 80 required documented massages)
  •  You can only assist a course that you have already taken.


If you would like to assist a class, the best way is to look at our calendar and email us at least 2 weeks ahead of time to save your spot

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2 responses to “New! Earn Documented Massages for Assisting!!”

  1. Debbie Shields says:

    That was great
    Would love to see more on the Thai foot massage.

  2. Shai Plonski says:

    Thanks Debbie. Duly noted!

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