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Krishna Das Concert◦ The Yoga Of Chant ♥ Heart Melting

For new and old Krishna Das enthusiasts, and especially anyone pondering the benefits of kirtan (call and response chanting), please check out this YouTube gem! Pure love and light!

This video brings you right into the heart of the concert where Krishna Das blends funny stories, deep and poignant teachings and of course the heart melting chants.

If you haven’t had a chance to attend a KD concert in person, we recommend putting it high up on the to do list! He still travels to cities far and wide or if you have the means check him out on a retreat such as at the Omega Institute as part of the Labor Day Ecstatic Chant weekend. The memory of that experience still brings goose bumps!

I know it’s a long video so those who want to skip straight to the teachings here you go:

9:36: A talk about happiness and why we chant the names… these names pull us in the direction of happiness and to let go. No matter how many times we mess up it’s inevitable… what a great word! The presence in the name reveals itself within us. We remove the dust on the mirror in our minds and hearts and gradually and inevitably this presence reveals itself and something happens we are not prepared to take on or are ready for: ‘we get happy’. Not the kind that gets blown away in our daily life- it’s like being home in our own hearts.

Just an aside here… I get goose bumps when I listen to this part because it really hits home when trying to understand what makes learning, giving and teaching Thai Massage so incredible. It is also connected to this same quality of life!

22:50: Turning inside for comtemplation even just a little is a very big thing. “I was caught in the current on the stream of the shore and saw a glimpse of the guru and he led me there” The guru is the light that is inside us and that’s why we have to learn to trust ourselves. Learn that we are enough and we can let go of being hard on ourselves. Simple, but not easy.

41:05: The significance of the name. These names are before us and come from a place in each one of our hearts that is deeper than our thoughts and emotions and who we think we are, they come from a place of who we are. So by chanting them we are turning ourselves in the direction of where we come from. The deeper we go the more we can let go of the stuff that hurts us and get some leverage on it. It’s very hard to let go of something when you’re holding onto it. But when we chant we no longer hold on and then we remember and we hold on again. But with every chant we develop our letting go muscle. We have to practice and we can’t let go of the big stuff until we let go of the little stuff.

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2 responses to “Krishna Das Concert◦ The Yoga Of Chant ♥ Heart Melting”

  1. tamal says:


    have noticed that the video is not available over youtube anymore. It’s one of my favourites, do you know where else I can listen to it?

    Regards, tamal

  2. Mason Morris says:

    great use of terminology inside the post, it
    actually did help when i was surfing around

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