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The Heart of Thai Massage- Webinar Replay

Celebrating 15 years of teaching… In this webinar, I peel back the layers and explains what Thai Massage is all about from a personal, indepth point of view.

A great Thai Massage needs to be as good to give as it is to receive and in the webinar I dissect certain postures to explain how that comes to be.

I explain what makes Thai Massage such an intelligent form of bodywork and get into the whole notion of love is nature’s most powerful medicine and how Thai Massage turns that energy into a healing flow.

He talks about the energy aspects of the massage and how to incorporate that into the massage and explains from both the giver and receiver point of view what Thai Massage is all about.

There is a great Q & A at the end that tackles some advanced questions.

At the end of the webinar I announce that we are celebrating 15 years of teaching by offering our upcoming Thai 101 in Toronto at 2001 prices. Take the class for $495 instead of the regular $635. Class is happening Feb. 6-7 / 20-21.

To sign up for courses and learn more visit http://stillightcentre.com/category/courses-calendar/



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  1. Anna Aithein says:

    Great post its good for health

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