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Give a Relaxing Neck and Head Massage [Learning Thai Massage]

I am convinced that the tension we hold in our necks is the number one source of pain in our whole body. From the thousands of massages I’ve given, I’ve seen how neck tension leads to shoulder pain and tension headaches. And shoulder pain leads to arms and hand and back pain. Headaches are a pain all to themselves but also lead to grinding our teeth and clenching our jaws.

And it doesn’t have to be that way. If we do a few simple things every week with a partner to massage our necks and heads we can reverse this pain loop and instead have necks and heads and shoulders that are pain free. We can literally take that weight of the world we feel and let it go and then keep it away.

This video gives you an amazingly effective and simple massage in the palm of your hands that you can learn in less than eight minutes and then give to your lover, your kids, your friends, just about anywhere.

And of course if you learn with someone then you get the benefits of a really great exchange.

So what are you waiting for?!




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