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Fascia and Thai Massage

In this video I give you an overview of what Fascia is and why it is important to treat the fascia as part of any advanced Thai Massage treatment.

I also mention that we teach a course on Fascia and Thai Massage. The next one is coming up May 2-3 and you can click here to find the latest dates and to sign up for the class. In the meanwhile you can incorporate fascial work into your Thai Massage just by identifying and building a relationship with the fascia in the body. Look for superficial fascia around the thigh, the forearm, the neck. You can find it just below the layers of skin. Keep the pressure light and move it around through gentle circles, rubbing, sweeping and squeezing the area. You’ll be amazed by the efficient and profound results from this lighter approach to touch!

And if you’re interested in taking it further, then come and take the class. It is a game changer for how you see the body and how to give Thai Massage!




One response to “Fascia and Thai Massage”

  1. Darlene Nicholson says:

    Hello Shai
    Long time no see
    I am really interested in a weekend training on fascia
    Busy May 2/3 and wondering when you might be offering workshop again

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