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Crash Course on Advanced Thai Massage Training at Still Light Centre

In this video I takes you through some of what we teach and the benefits of the advanced trainings we offer on the path to honing your Thai Massage expertise.

The idea here to help you decide which courses to take next once you’ve completed your Primary Certification (or an equivalent) and are aiming to deepen your skills and understanding of Thai Massage.

Our program is built on flexibility to pick and choose the courses that speak to you. You can take any of these courses mentioned in any order. We welcome students from any Thai Massage lineage.

There are 10 courses altogether that we teach in two day formats to delve deep into the subject matter at hand.

Check out the video below and click here to learn more and register for classes.

To help us plan our 2016-17 calendar, click here to fill out the survey and let us know what you’d like to study next!



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