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Couples Share Their Impressions of Loving Touch: Couples Thai Massage

Anna and Michael took a weekend long Loving Touch, Couples Thai Massage class and share how the experience helped rekindle their love for each other after 32 years of marriage They talk about what massaging did for them in the moment and how they believe it’ll help them and their children in the future.

Jaki and Henry share how the experience deepened their relationship & how it will help love and loving kindness expand into the world

Karen describes the impact that Couples Thai Massage has on couples… how she witnessed couples who started out with baggage, let it go and find new and better ways to communicate with each other and fall in love again. She shares how loving massage helps you extend the heart of this massage it to your everyday living to all that you do and those you meet everyday.


In 2018 I am teaching Loving Touch Couples Thai Massage at the Kripalu Center in Lenox Mass. Jan. 19-21 & 1440 Multiversity in Santa Cruz CA. Feb. 9-11.

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