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In our classes on Thai Massage, ayurveda is a central component of how we learn to massage. The reasons are many including the fact that Thai Massage actually comes from India and the founder is universally regarded as a famous ayurvedic doctor named Jivaka Kumarbacha.

More to the point is that at the heart of Ayurveda is systematic way that helps us to see ourselves as individuals, to determine our unique constitution. From this launching point there are infinite applications to make empowered –natural- choices that bring us into greater balance and health.

Choices that range from the foods we eat, the colors we wear, the way we exercise, the ways we relax, the work we do… it can all have a dramatic effect on the quality of life we lead.

The simple everyday choices we make have the amazing ability to help us reduce our stress and live a better life. Ayurveda pulls back the lens to help us know that the choices we are making are the best ones we can make, and teaches us how to build on and trust our intuition.

It is fascinating stuff and later this month we are starting a 5 week series being taught by Matthew Remski. Matthew is one of the most authentic people you can ever hope to meet. Over the past decade he has earned a reputation as Toronto’s foremost ayurvedic teacher because he lives and breathes and shares this information with incredible depth, passion and simplicity. His teachings will help you take hands on and practical information and get it working for you right away.

It doesn’t matter if you come with no knowledge or a strong base, he can answer any question and customize the exercises to any level.

To work 1 on 1 with Matthew costs over $100/hour. Here you get the opportunity to join a close knit group of like-minded individuals where the entire 15 hour series costs $175 and you get the benefit of working closely with a life changing teacher.

The details:

-Tuesday nights from May 21- June 18 6:30pm – 9:30pm
-Cost is $40 per session or $175 for the series
-Major topics include: Food choices, daily routines, menstrual ease, psychology, ayurveda in the world and you can bring any questions you want answered on the topic of health and well being.

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For anyone new to this subject, and are feeling intrigued here are a couple of links to get you started:


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