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Ayurveda Meditation on the 5 Elements & 3 Doshas

Learn about Vata, Pitta and Kapha and the five elements from the inside out with this guided meditation. Shift from the head to the heart and body to get a real sense of how we have space, air, fire, water and earth within.

Perfect for anyone learning about ayurveda and wanting to bring this wisdom into your life to give deeper meaning to what it’s all about.

Guided by Shai Plonski, founder of Still Light Centre school of Thai Massage…

Part of our Thai Massage training includes learning the fundamentals of ayurveda -timeless Indian medicine- and how to incorporate it into customizing Thai Massage. Our viewpoint is that giving a great massage is all about seeing and treating your client as unique and tailoring the massage specifically for them on the physical and energetic level.

Ayurveda gives us essential tools and language to do just that. And meditating on the core aspects of ayurveda, namely the 3 doshas and 5 elements helps you to create a deeper relationship with the medicine in your hands and body.

To do this meditation, find a quiet place and put yourself in a comfortable seated position, be it on a chair or on a cushion with your back straight, shoulders relaxed and able to take full breaths. Press play and away you go!

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