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Authentic Thai Massage -Part Two: Feet and Legs – by Shai Plonski co-founder Still Light Centre

The entire body is mapped out on the feet and the legs are probably our hardest working parts of our body. Did you know that so many of our back, shoulder and neck issues can be attributed to how we walk? Although my parents taught me about my head, shoulders, knees and toes, our body never learned about itself that way. Everything is so intricately connected so everystep produces a chain reaction of responses all the way up to our head and fingers. Take enough steps in high heels, poor shoes or with bad posture and it will have a big effect on our whole body. That’s one of the reasons why we spend a lot of time massaging the lower half of our body in Thai Massage. The effects of pain relief in our backs and overall relaxation are dramatic and instant.

Once again keep in mind that everything I show here can be modified with props so that anyone can receive it.

Source: Youtube


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