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The Art of Traditional Thai Massage [Rare 1990s Video) Feat. Asokananda, Chaiyuth, Pichet

The Art of Traditional Thai Massage is a documentary about the roots of Thai Massage. Filmed in Thailand in the early 1990s, it features Thai Massage master teacher Asokananda, the first non-native Thai person to write and spread Thai Yoga Massage around the world.

It also includes interviews with his Thai Massage teachers, namely Chaiyuth Priyasith and Pichet Boonthumme.

For the first time, it is being released in its entirety on the internet for everyone to enjoy!

This video traces the history of the massage to its roots in India, through Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka, Laos and Thailand. It reveals footage of some 17th century scriptures written in palm leaves, some of the oldest remaining texts about Thai Massage.

The video delves into the theory and practice of Thai Yoga Massage. That includes discussion of ayurveda, sen line or energy line theory as well as demonstrations of various Thai Massage techniques.

The last part of the video includes aspects of a whole body Thai Yoga Massage given by Asokananda.

This video provides an intimate look at Thai Massage culture in Thailand in the early 1990s. It also includes footage of some of the pioneers of Thai Massage in the West such as my primary teacher, Kam Thye Chow and Saul David Raye.

Republished here with permission from the director and producer Laurie Patton. It is with great gratitude to her for allowing us to share this video to anyone with a love and appreciation for Thai Yoga Massage.

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