Winter Wellness: Understanding the Impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Kimberly Hayes (guest writer) Does your energy wane during the months of winter? Many people face a decline in their overall outlook when the seasons bring cold temperatures and short daylight cycles. Thankfully, if you seem to experience the “winter blues,” there are ways to combat the condition. Identifying Seasonal Affective Disorder At first, […]

Table Thai Yoga Massage Shoulder Techniques and Stretches

Shoulder Techniques

Experience some shoulder heaven!!! Table Thai Yoga Massage Shoulder Techniques and Stretches teaches you some moves that are unique to a massage table. Massage therapists love to learn these shoulder techniques and stretches because they offer some of the very best ways to help open up hard to reach areas of the shoulders. Combine these […]

Reflections On Love and How Thai Massage Helps Bring More Love To You

What is Love

Reflections on love and how Thai Massage helps to bring more love to your life is a product of how how this practice has helped me and countless others. It’s an attempt at understanding why giving Thai Yoga Massage is so beneficial, going beyond all the physical benefits including helping to get rid of aches […]